5 Healthy Habits for Writing

Do you want to become a better writer? Are you lacking motivation, or feeling overwhelmed with choices? One of the best ways to get started writing is to focus on creating good habits. Here are 5 habits to help you become a better writer.Read More »


Guess What Microsoft is Doing in June!

Image Source: Xbox Website

Are you an Xbox One owner? I am, and I love my Kinect. Well I did when it was working. I recently sent it in for a repair and I can’t wait to get it back. I really hope it goes quickly. I think the repair location may be in Texas, hooray!

Did you hear the news that Microsoft announced yesterday? Keep reading to find out what they said. If you wanted the Xbox one but the price was to steep, you may like what they have to say.Read More »

“Round Head” Plastic Surgery Seems Excessive

We are told to put our babies down to sleep on their backs because it is safer for them and reduces the rick of SIDS. Most parents bringing home a newborn follow what they have been told to do in the fear of hurting or messing up their child. Being good parents they follow the rules and put their baby down to sleep on his back. Now that we have reduced the risk of SIDS by placing the baby on his back we have created another problem. Flat spots on the head. It occurs when your baby spends to much time on his back and doesn’t get enough tummy time or re-positioning.

I recently read this article on Kotaku about Plastic Surgery to fix having a flat head. It reminded me of the growing number of babies I have seen wearing a specially designed helmet to fix the very same problem.

NBC News

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Babies & Shopping Cart Safety

I read a great article about the safety of babies in shopping carts. As a new parent in a hurry to get in and get out of the store I take my car seat into the store with me. I’ve never noticed warning signs that tell you not to put the carrier on the top of the cart. I never really felt %100 comfortable with it up there. It’s better to put the carrier in the basket of the shopping cart. Putting the carrier in the basket meant not enough room for groceries. It’s a problem tired parents shouldn’t have to worry about.Read More »