Succulents & Chandelier

My two practice shots for the day. I went to see my friends wedding venue today and help plan some day of details. It’s a lovely place and I can’t wait for the day to arrive. It will also lend a great opportunity to practice snapping some pictures.

I was using my Canon 50mm 1.8 lens here with manual focus on my Sony NEX3 camera. I was trying to get the expose and focus right. Both of these shots have been edited some for fun but I think they came out really well.




The light “BULB”

I had a light bulb moment today when I learned that the bulb setting on my shutter speed means that I controlled the shutter when I pressed the button. The longer I pressed it the longer it was open. I really had no idea before. Wow I have learned a LOT in just a week of browsing tutorials over at CM.

Here is my practice shot for the day. Allia my cat sitting on the window sill.

Allia Window01