Ok so I started today

Ok so I forgot to start my squats yesterday. Really I kept thing I should do them while in the middle of something and then I would forget them by the time I was done. It was odd. However I didn’t forget to do them today.
Day 1 – 50 Squats
I did them all while waiting for my bacon to cook. Not bad today. I know I won’t be able to continue to do them at that time as the amount builds up but it was a good start. Tomorrow I add 5 more.

I got a new hat and water bottle for running today. I’m excited to try them out tomorrow. I’m hoping they will help with morning runs. By the time I’m doing the last half mile I am so hot in the sun. I was so pleased with the service at Rogue Running. They were fantastic. They were really nice and told me if my shoes are comfortable there is no need to buy new ones yet and go ahead and get the other items I wanted. They may not have sold me $100 shoes today but I will go back to them when my $20 Payless shoes finally give out. Plus they had some nice shirts I might have to try out. Just because of the great customer service I will be buying my next pair of running shoes from them. Thanks guys!

I’m going to try baking some decorative cupcakes for a ghostbusters fundraiser on Saturday. Ill take some pics to post and show you all how I do.


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