Day 6, still going

Day 6 of the squat challenge and I’m still going strong. Today I did 75 squats. When I was half way there I started thinking I can’t imagine what it will be like when I have to do over a hundred. Right now I couldn’t see myself doing that many. I’m excited to still be going strong and look forward to tomorrow’s squats. Hopefully I will get a chance to run as I didn’t run all last week like I wanted to. Hopefully tomorrow morning or late evening I can get a run in. Maybe I will test the new jogging stroller my friend got me.

We are going to the Ear, nose, and throat doc for our little guy tomorrow. Hopefully we can get his ears fixed so he doesn’t have so many ear infections. I know tubes sound scary to some people but we have already been through one surgery with him so I’m not to scared. Plus if it helps him I’m all for it. I just want the little guy to feel better.


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