Busy, busy, busy

October is turning out to be a busy month. I haven’t had much time to write. I’m currently planning a birthday party for a 7 year old. It’s cut the rope themed. I love planning parties and decorating. I like to be creative. I guess it’s another one of my favorite things. I’m excited to share it once I have everything put together. I am also working on my Halloween costume and my son’s costume. He is going to be an Ewok. I’m sewing it again this year. Last year he was a zebra. I made it the weekend before Halloween. It came out pretty good so I though I would make another one this year. I’ll post up some pictures as soon as I’m done.

That’s all for now. 🙂

A few of my favorite things – Video games

Tonight was zombie night! I love zombie night. A bunch of friends get together to play left 4 dead 2 every Wednesday night. Its so much fun because we usually have a full party and its a great game. I will probably be writing more about video games because they are a big part of my life. Not only do I love them I am lucky enough to make them. I don’t get to play as much as I used to which is another reason zombie night is so great.

I really like shooters and got into them more during college and right after I graduated. I played halo growing up but Call of duty 4 was what really got me into them. That was a great game. Iplay all sorts of different genres. You can usually find me playing on my Xbox the most, even though I have a PC and PS3. I think for the next generation of consoles I will only be getting the Xbox though. I bought a PS3 for the last round and hardly use it. I mainly haven’t for a few play station exclusive titles. Little big planet was the first one I got. That is also a great game.

What systems do you own and what games can I find you playing?

Saturday run, Monday lunch

Saturday morning’s run went ok. We ran about 6.7 miles in 1 hour and 35 minutes I think. Not my best run time and we miss judged the halfway point. I definitely need to start running during the week again. Me knee was starting to ache right at the end so we walked the last quarter of a mile.

On Sunday I made a yummy chicken salad for lunch with left overs for Monday’s lunch. It was so yummy. I really love chicken, apples, and green grapes. Who knew fruit went so well with chicken. It was also a great paleo lunch option.

Here is what was in my salad
-green grapes
-honey crisp apple
-hardboiled eggs
-dash of garlic salt and onion powder
I think next time I might try adding some diced onion to it. What variations do you try?

7 miles tomorrow

Tomorrow I get back to running. I think it’s been about a month and I really need to start running again and keep up with it. I’m going to be running 7 miles I think. I really hope I do ok seeing its been so long. That’s about it for tonight. I just want to try and keep up with posting something every day if I can. More to come tomorrow.

A few of my favorite things – Fluff


I knew I had to write about cloth diapers today. I overheard one of my coworkers mention that he and his wife are using cloth diapers. They just had their first baby about 3 weeks ago I think. I got a little excited when I heard that they use cloth. I only know one other person with a baby that is my sons age and they don’t cloth diaper. There is nothing wrong with that I just think it would be fun to talk to another mom about cloth diapers. There are so many different kinds. I feel like they are a bit like Pokemon. Gotta catch them all. Lol

I really like cloth diapering. It saves us a lot of money, especially seeing grandma help get a lot of our stash. We mainly use gdiapers but I also have some covers and prefolds (mainly night), Grovia, Charlie Banana, Bumgenius, and a couple Totsbots. The Totsbots are becoming a favorite of mine. I’ll have to do a few posts about the different kinds and other thoughts I have about cloth diapering.

I was thinking I would really like to help families in need and start a diaper charity. Both cloth and disposable. I’ve been thinking a lot about starting my own business and I would love to have a charity to help out my community. Maybe I will be able to have a business that also helps those in need. Much like Toms and other businesses that donate items when you purchase their products. Well that is favorite thing #2, cloth diapers. (Also known as fluff, hence the tittle)

Do you cloth diaper your kids? What thoughts or questions do you have about it? I’d love to chat with anyone who wants to know more. Especially where to start because it can be confusing at first. There are so many choices. That’s a topic for another day though.

Goodnight Internet.

Swagbucks Goal

I made my swagbucks goal yesterday. In fact I went over it. I also realized this morning that I have enough points to get $20 in gift cards. 🙂 I think I should start redeeming my points. Start searching or watching videos to earn points. What will you redeem them for?

Search & Win