Home repairs

Reading through some blogs today and thinking about what to write I decided to start with my Home To Do List. There are a bunch of things I would like to do to our home but who has the money or the time. So for now ill write about it and maybe I’ll be able to post some updates when I’m able to. I’d really like to show some before and after pictures.

I should mention our home is like an onion, layers of “fixes”. Our home was a rental before we purchased it. I’m not sure I would buy another rental home after this one. Whoever their “handy” man was, he wasn’t very handy. Anytime we go to replace something we usually find something odd about it when we start. The fan in the nursery had no support. It was just screwed in to the light box. We are lucky it never fell down. We found that out when we were replacing it with a regular light fixture. That room is always cold so it really didn’t need a fan.

Medium Repairs
1. Bathroom faucet – this is an interesting one. The knob on the shower was able to turn all the way around. Over time I think the screw was stripped. One day it fell off after turning it on to run a bath for my son. I had a moment of panic thinking I wouldn’t be able to turn off the water. I was able to get it back on but it was only a temporary fix. It fell off again and the next time there was no fixing it. We need to replace it. This one is an easy one to do we just don’t use that bathroom very often so it hasn’t been a priority.
2. Leaky sink- luckily this one isn’t a leak of running water. We have a very small drip from the drain pipe under the sink. Easy fix… Put a bucket under it. It’s a very very slow leak, a couple of drops when using the sink.
3. New weatherstripping for the back door. We have a small section near the bottom that is ripped.

Those are some of the smaller fixes we need to take care of.
There also plenty of things I would like to change or renovate around the house that are not needs, just wants.
Hardwood floors would be fantastic. However not affordable at the moment.
We need to fix our landscaping. The bushes out front are overgrown and need to be cut way back to reshape them.
Replace the faucet in the master bathroom. Also frame the bathroom mirrors and replace the linoleum floor in the master bathroom.

Well that’s it for my list right now. I’m hoping to post some DIY pics when I get things finished.
What’s top on your to do list around the house?


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