DIY tray remodel

photo 5(3)

I did this project a while ago but I wanted to share it. I found a wooden tray at goodwill that I thought was cute but could use a makeover.


After buying the tray I headed over to Archivers to pick up some paper to use as a liner. I also think a roll of wrapping paper would have worked well if you have some you like. It may even work better than the paper seeing I needed to use two pieces so there is a seam.

20131206-073124.jpgphoto 5(1)

Above is the tray I found at good will and the paper that my friend and I choose for the 2a

Here is the supply list.

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • White gloss spray-paint
  • Gloss spray-paint or other preferred lacquer

I am missing a few pictures of each step but I will list them here. First I washed and dried the tray. Then I sanded the tray around the edges to make sure the paint would stick well.

photo 1

Next I spray painted it with two coats of white.

photo 2(1)photo 4(2)

After the paint dried I measured and cut the paper for the bottom of the tray. After a test fit of the paper I put the glue down and carefully placed the paper back down onto the bottom of the tray. Make sure to use some kind of glue that will not warp the paper as it dries.

photo 5(2)

Once the glue is all dry you can coat it with a nice shiny gloss. The gloss will make the tray easier to wipe up spills or dust. Again be careful not to hold the spray-paint to close and wet the paper with it. You don’t want it to warp. Well that’s it for my Tray revamp DIY. If anyone else has a pictures of one you dressed up post them in the comments. I would love to see what other colors people choose and their process.

photo 4(3)

Close up of the pattern above and the finished product below. Thanks for checking out my DIY project!

photo 3(2)


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