Babies & Shopping Cart Safety

I read a great article about the safety of babies in shopping carts. As a new parent in a hurry to get in and get out of the store I take my car seat into the store with me. I’ve never noticed warning signs that tell you not to put the carrier on the top of the cart. I never really felt %100 comfortable with it up there. It’s better to put the carrier in the basket of the shopping cart. Putting the carrier in the basket meant not enough room for groceries. It’s a problem tired parents shouldn’t have to worry about.

Image from Green Child Magazine.

The article below has some good options to try. Check it out.

Babies & Shopping Cart Safety.

They also mention a device I have never heard of or seen. It’s called Safe-Dock. It’s a shopping cart with a custom tray and strap for an infant carrier. I think every store with a cart should have this. I feel I am a reasonably smart and responsible parent and I haven’t noticed the warning signs on carts before. It’s especially hard for a new parent that isn’t getting much sleep.

Find out if your local stores carry this type of cart. If they don’t, use the site to send a message or mention it to your store manager next time you are shopping.  I would love to see this device at our local HEB stores here in Texas. I feel HEB tries to stay involved with the community and this would be a wonderful thing to add to their stores.

Has anyone seen this in action at their local stores?

More safety designs found at SafeStrap.



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