Because I’m tired of being cold.


My new coat! Well sort of new. I got it last week I think. I love it. I was in love with my cousin’s Betsy Johnson coat that is similar to mine. Her’s is a cute form fitting jacket with a bit of a skirt to the bottom. I loved it. She had it last year at our family Christmas party. I saw it again when we were home for Thanksgiving a few weeks ago. Still super cute.

When we got back I decided it was time I get myself a good winter jacket. I usually bundle up in a couple of sweatshirt layers. It has been extra cold here in Texas. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s been in the 30s and I’m freezing. I also had 2 company Christmas parties to attend both on the same night and both downtown. I wanted a cute jacket that would also work with a dress as I was guessing it was going to be pretty cold outside when we hopped from one party to another.

Hence the new coat that I stumbled upon. I really don’t spend a lot on myself for clothes and decided this was an ok purchase. I’m so glad I did. It has been cold and wet and I don’t shiver uncontrollably now when I get in the car to go home at 9pm. It’s also just the right size to wear with my hoodie for a little extra warmth. Just thought I would share.

What are you doing to stay warm?




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