Guess What Microsoft is Doing in June!

Image Source: Xbox Website

Are you an Xbox One owner? I am, and I love my Kinect. Well I did when it was working. I recently sent it in for a repair and I can’t wait to get it back. I really hope it goes quickly. I think the repair location may be in Texas, hooray!

Did you hear the news that Microsoft announced yesterday? Keep reading to find out what they said. If you wanted the Xbox one but the price was to steep, you may like what they have to say.

I have learned that it really sucks using your Xbox One without a Kinect. Because I put my Xbox One in the living room and pass my cable through, it has become my media center. I love waking up in the morning and just telling it to turn on as I walk right past towards my son’s room. By the time I get back it is ready for me to say “Xbox watch TV.” My 2 year old even talks to it when we come into the living room. He is at a stage where he loves helping and he knows that all he has to do is talk to the tv. I’m sure this could be a problem later, but for now he doesn’t speak clearly enough and doesn’t know the command words you have to say. He just enjoys trying to say “Xbox.”

Lately this has been a different story. Now I have to turn on Xbox and then the TV and cable box with the controller. For some reason the tv and cable box will not turn on when I use the controller to turn the Xbox on. I know this may not be a big deal but I have become so used to the convenience of the voice commands I don’t want to go back. Plus I love some of the things you can do with it like the record that feature. I have used that on a number of occasions.

So, why have I mentioned all this? It’s because Microsoft just announced that is will be selling the Xbox One without a Kinect starting in June, for $399. While the lower price point is great. I personally do not think it’s worth it without the Kinect, right now. If you own a Xbox 360 I don’t see the need to purchase the Xbox One without Kinect. The Xbox One was designed to work with connect. While you can still use your Xbox without Kinect, I just don’t think it is as good without it. I’m sure there are some cool games, like Watch Dogs, coming out that have other great features like using an ipad while playing. For now I’m not sure if there are enough extra cool features to warrant upgrading to Xbox One without Kinect.

It seems surprising to me that people asked for this new package. I’m sure people wanted the price to be lower, but I never saw anyone saying they didn’t want the Kinect. I’m sure there are people out there that want it that way, I’m just not one of them.  So for now I will just have to wait for my Kinect to be fixed and sent back to me. I do hope it is the Kinect that was broken and not the power port on the Xbox One. That will suck if I have to send that in. Cross your fingers for me!

What do you think? Is the new Xbox One worth getting at the new price without the Kinect? Do you use your Xbox One Kinect a lot or just a little?



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