First Tabata Workout

Today is day 8 in the squat challenge which is a rest day. I decided to finally try a tabata workout. My legs probably thought I just did another set of squats because I decided to do my workout on our exercise bike. I did 4 minutes pedaling my hardest on the bike. With a 30 sec warmup and cool down. Boy was it hard. I can see how it will help. I can’t wait to watch my stats improve. I am going to use my blog to keep my distance record to watch my improvements. Today in one 4 min session I went .8 miles. Tomorrow I plan to do a run and my squats for the day. I may try another tabata on Friday or Sunday.


Day 6, still going

Day 6 of the squat challenge and I’m still going strong. Today I did 75 squats. When I was half way there I started thinking I can’t imagine what it will be like when I have to do over a hundred. Right now I couldn’t see myself doing that many. I’m excited to still be going strong and look forward to tomorrow’s squats. Hopefully I will get a chance to run as I didn’t run all last week like I wanted to. Hopefully tomorrow morning or late evening I can get a run in. Maybe I will test the new jogging stroller my friend got me.

We are going to the Ear, nose, and throat doc for our little guy tomorrow. Hopefully we can get his ears fixed so he doesn’t have so many ear infections. I know tubes sound scary to some people but we have already been through one surgery with him so I’m not to scared. Plus if it helps him I’m all for it. I just want the little guy to feel better.

Day 2 squat update

Day 2 of the squat challenge. I did my 55 squats this evening. I definitely felt it in my thighs as I was getting to the end. I hope my legs feel a tad better tomorrow. I woke up with a sore heel muscle. I think my weight was unbalanced yesterday when I was doing my squats. It got better throughout the day as I moved around.

I didn’t run today or try out the tabata workout yet so it’s on my todo list tomorrow morning. I have just been so busy and had a sick husband this week. Hopefully I get out to do a 5k run tomorrow morning.

Ok so I started today

Ok so I forgot to start my squats yesterday. Really I kept thing I should do them while in the middle of something and then I would forget them by the time I was done. It was odd. However I didn’t forget to do them today.
Day 1 – 50 Squats
I did them all while waiting for my bacon to cook. Not bad today. I know I won’t be able to continue to do them at that time as the amount builds up but it was a good start. Tomorrow I add 5 more.

I got a new hat and water bottle for running today. I’m excited to try them out tomorrow. I’m hoping they will help with morning runs. By the time I’m doing the last half mile I am so hot in the sun. I was so pleased with the service at Rogue Running. They were fantastic. They were really nice and told me if my shoes are comfortable there is no need to buy new ones yet and go ahead and get the other items I wanted. They may not have sold me $100 shoes today but I will go back to them when my $20 Payless shoes finally give out. Plus they had some nice shirts I might have to try out. Just because of the great customer service I will be buying my next pair of running shoes from them. Thanks guys!

I’m going to try baking some decorative cupcakes for a ghostbusters fundraiser on Saturday. Ill take some pics to post and show you all how I do.