Does having a dog prepare you for having a child?

I read this blog post today and thought I would chime in on the debate that having a dog prepares you for kids. First off, don’t get offended, I am not comparing YOUR kids to a dog. I feel that some moms freak out when you say that owning a dog is good practice. It’s as though you called their sweet, intelligent, bundle of joy a dopey, smelly, dog. Or it becomes a worst stories one up challenge; because my experiences with a baby are worse than your experiences with your dog.

I do feel that having a dog is good practice for some of the things you encounter as a parent. I found the following statement on The Mommy Psychologist blog amusing.

“If one more of my childless friends tells me that having a dog is good practice for having a child, I just might scream. At them. And not nicely.” Does Having A Pet Prepare You For Being A Parent? |.

While having a child is a much bigger responsibility I don’t think people should overreact like that. Yes your friend may not have a child, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t had some similar experiences. I think that owning a dog doesn’t prepare you for having a baby and becoming a parent. I just think it makes you more of a responsible adult. You can’t only think about yourself when you get a dog. You have to think about their needs as well. So maybe that statement needs to be rephrased to please some parents, but it wouldn’t offend me if you said it. Having a dog teaches you new skills as well.

I have two dogs and an 18 month old baby boy. Here are my experiences with owning a (2) dog(s) before having a baby. (Also why I think you shouldn’t get a dog if you WANT a baby.)

  1. Poop. Get used to it. Dogs poop and so do babies. Yes dogs go outside, once they are house trained. There is all that time during training a puppy when you will have to clean up pee and poop in your home. Plus you have to pick it up at parks and on the street if you don’t have your own yard. Weather you have a baby or a dog you will be getting used to handling poop.
  2. Repetition. When training a dog you have to repeat things over and over. That is how they learn. while you may not call it training, you definitely have to repeat things over and over when teaching your baby new things. That is also how they learn.
  3. Patients. Having a dog and training them will teach you patients, hopefully. It is another skill you need as a parent.
  4. Reliability and schedules. Dogs do well on a schedule and they also rely on you to keep to it and take care of them. You need to feed them at meals times, take them for walks, put them to bed. (Our dogs are crated at night) Babies thrive on a schedule. Some parents may not keep to one, but for us it has been so helpful. Our dogs let us know when they need to go out or if it’s a little past dinner and they haven’t eaten yet. They know our schedule and whats next. Our toddler also knows what to expect next. When things are out of order Squiggles will get upset and may throw a tantrum. Our dogs don’t really do that, thank goodness. But it was good practice having our dogs let us know when they needed something.
  5. Better with surprises… Not the happy kind. Toddlers get into things they shouldn’t and so do dogs. I’m sure you have all seen the pictures on the internet. It’s probably going to happen to you. I know it’s happened to me. It won’t make whatever surprise you find all better but at least you have gone through it and can hopefully keep a level head and take care of it.

I’m glad I had a dog before I had a baby. I think having a dog helped me develop and hone some of those skills that you need to be a parent. It makes you a little less selfish. When you have a baby you have to put your baby before yourself. You don’t have to do that as much with a dog but you still have to care for them and take care of their needs. I do not feel that just because you have a dog that makes you ready to become a parent. Becoming a parent is a much bigger step than caring for a dog. So for now enjoy having a dog and learn from caring for them. All your experiences in life shape the person you are.

As a final note I want to mention that you should NOT get a dog to prepare for having a baby. Get a dog to had a dog. A friend and companion. If you feel a little baby crazy coming over you take some time to think about what you want in your future. If you think there may be a baby in the near future don’t get a dog. Wait for the baby. Volunteer at a shelter, or baby sit a friends baby. I love my pets but found that having a baby changes your view of them. They really are your pets, not your baby. Now that I have a toddler, 2 dogs, and a cat, I find things more challenging. The toddler comes first and my pets are now second class citizens. While I feel bad about it because they used to be my babies, things changed when I brought Squiggles the baby home.


Home repairs

Reading through some blogs today and thinking about what to write I decided to start with my Home To Do List. There are a bunch of things I would like to do to our home but who has the money or the time. So for now ill write about it and maybe I’ll be able to post some updates when I’m able to. I’d really like to show some before and after pictures.

I should mention our home is like an onion, layers of “fixes”. Our home was a rental before we purchased it. I’m not sure I would buy another rental home after this one. Whoever their “handy” man was, he wasn’t very handy. Anytime we go to replace something we usually find something odd about it when we start. The fan in the nursery had no support. It was just screwed in to the light box. We are lucky it never fell down. We found that out when we were replacing it with a regular light fixture. That room is always cold so it really didn’t need a fan.

Medium Repairs
1. Bathroom faucet – this is an interesting one. The knob on the shower was able to turn all the way around. Over time I think the screw was stripped. One day it fell off after turning it on to run a bath for my son. I had a moment of panic thinking I wouldn’t be able to turn off the water. I was able to get it back on but it was only a temporary fix. It fell off again and the next time there was no fixing it. We need to replace it. This one is an easy one to do we just don’t use that bathroom very often so it hasn’t been a priority.
2. Leaky sink- luckily this one isn’t a leak of running water. We have a very small drip from the drain pipe under the sink. Easy fix… Put a bucket under it. It’s a very very slow leak, a couple of drops when using the sink.
3. New weatherstripping for the back door. We have a small section near the bottom that is ripped.

Those are some of the smaller fixes we need to take care of.
There also plenty of things I would like to change or renovate around the house that are not needs, just wants.
Hardwood floors would be fantastic. However not affordable at the moment.
We need to fix our landscaping. The bushes out front are overgrown and need to be cut way back to reshape them.
Replace the faucet in the master bathroom. Also frame the bathroom mirrors and replace the linoleum floor in the master bathroom.

Well that’s it for my list right now. I’m hoping to post some DIY pics when I get things finished.
What’s top on your to do list around the house?

Back on wheels

Today I was able to have a test practice with the Rockin’ City Roller Girls derby team. It was so much fun. Everyone was really nice and friendly. It was also great just to be back on skates. I don’t have a lot of free time when I can strap on a pair of skates and practice. I definitely want to continue to practice once a week. It’s such great exercise. I haven’t been doing a very good job of running a few times a week. It would be good to have a mandatory practice once or twice a week. I would love to make their Wednesday practices work but I’m not sure i can get there in time after. I may just have to give it a try to see how it goes. I better step it up with the running as well. I’m going to try and get a couple of runs in this week due to the holiday. Hopefully it won’t be so cold that it deters me from running. I do not like to be cold.

Im really excited to join their league in the beginning of the year. It’s great to have a league closer to where I live. Driving way down to south Austin every week was just going to be to far for me. It will also be fun to see the league change as it grows. It’s fairly new and it has a great group of ladies so far so I think everyone will see good things from them.

After skating today I realized I need some new gear. My wrist guards look like they may be unraveling. They are also pretty worn. I’m going to have to make a list of things I would like to replace so I don’t forget and can slowly replace one thing at a time. I also notices the Velcro strap on my skates is pulling away from the leather. The stitching that holds it on is pulling loose. Hopefully they will last a while longer. New skates are not on the list anytime soon. 🙂

Well I hope everyone else is having a great Sunday. I’ll try to post some more and stop disappearing.

Busy, busy, busy

October is turning out to be a busy month. I haven’t had much time to write. I’m currently planning a birthday party for a 7 year old. It’s cut the rope themed. I love planning parties and decorating. I like to be creative. I guess it’s another one of my favorite things. I’m excited to share it once I have everything put together. I am also working on my Halloween costume and my son’s costume. He is going to be an Ewok. I’m sewing it again this year. Last year he was a zebra. I made it the weekend before Halloween. It came out pretty good so I though I would make another one this year. I’ll post up some pictures as soon as I’m done.

That’s all for now. 🙂

A few of my favorite things – Video games

Tonight was zombie night! I love zombie night. A bunch of friends get together to play left 4 dead 2 every Wednesday night. Its so much fun because we usually have a full party and its a great game. I will probably be writing more about video games because they are a big part of my life. Not only do I love them I am lucky enough to make them. I don’t get to play as much as I used to which is another reason zombie night is so great.

I really like shooters and got into them more during college and right after I graduated. I played halo growing up but Call of duty 4 was what really got me into them. That was a great game. Iplay all sorts of different genres. You can usually find me playing on my Xbox the most, even though I have a PC and PS3. I think for the next generation of consoles I will only be getting the Xbox though. I bought a PS3 for the last round and hardly use it. I mainly haven’t for a few play station exclusive titles. Little big planet was the first one I got. That is also a great game.

What systems do you own and what games can I find you playing?

Saturday run, Monday lunch

Saturday morning’s run went ok. We ran about 6.7 miles in 1 hour and 35 minutes I think. Not my best run time and we miss judged the halfway point. I definitely need to start running during the week again. Me knee was starting to ache right at the end so we walked the last quarter of a mile.

On Sunday I made a yummy chicken salad for lunch with left overs for Monday’s lunch. It was so yummy. I really love chicken, apples, and green grapes. Who knew fruit went so well with chicken. It was also a great paleo lunch option.

Here is what was in my salad
-green grapes
-honey crisp apple
-hardboiled eggs
-dash of garlic salt and onion powder
I think next time I might try adding some diced onion to it. What variations do you try?